As an Academic, is Your Online Presence Important to you?

What happens when you search your name online? Do the results showcase your academic reputation and accomplishments, or are you left at the whim of everything, both good and bad, that shows up for your name, whether it’s really you or not?

Don’t fall victim to Google and Bing’s control of what shows up for your name and reputation. Don’t fall into the trap of being controlled by arcane University rules and those of other profile sites such as, LinkedIn and Research Gate.

Your Online Presence is Important!

Take control of everything that shows up for you…

Develop your perfect online academic reputation to showcase all your accomplishments…

Have your very own personal academic website…

Nobody out there can give you all of these benefits like we can:

  • Create the ideal place to showcase your complete research profile
  • Present who you are to your academic and professional peers
  • Disseminate your research and publications worldwide
  • Sell your online courses
  • Set up and handle appointments
  • Upload resources to your students
  • Increase your name recognition and get cited more often
  • Network and collaborate with like-minded colleagues
  • Use for job searching and application
  • Clarify and showcase your intellectual contributions
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Tell the story you want to tell about you
  • Connect to community, media, and international colleagues
  • Get ranked at the top of Google and Bing searches

And Most Importantly – YOU Control Everything!

You don’t have to abide by restrictive rules and regulations from University sites. You can take this everywhere you go and you are in complete control.

We are We cater only to academics, so we know what is critical in creating a stellar academic profile and reputation online. We know you’re busy, so we will do everything for you:

We give you a complete WordPress web site so you can have you own blog.

We handle all of the technical stuff – just sit back and relax.

We completely design and install your academic website for you, and…


Nobody else will design and install your customized academic website before getting paid up front. We absolutely Guarantee your Satisfaction. We won’t even let you pay until everything is published and you are completely satisfied!

You can use videos, presentations, and photos, show off your awards, have links to your social sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Your website is fully mobile responsive so your students can always get to your courses and notes when they need to. You can use your own blog to express your thoughts, creativity and ideas. Lifetime updates and security protection is available for a small annual fee.

So now you must decide…

Do you want to remain at the whim of old university rules and regulations?

Do you want to let Google and Bing decide your character?

Are you going to let some kid in a basement design your life’s work? Your academic profile? Your online reputation?

No! You need to protect your academic reputation, and to help spread your thoughts and ideas everywhere.

To make your personal academic website successful, you need a complete solution, from concept and design through maintenance and hosting. With a single point of contact for your entire web solution, you always have someone to call on to address any issue.

We are 100% focused on Personal Academic Websites.

We’ve developed Personal Academic Websites for dozens of Academics like you, and we’ve probably already built something similar to what you need.

You gain leverage from our experience, because you don’t have to pay for creating everything from scratch.

You get a better looking, more capable site at a lower cost than comparable alternatives.

Contact us today by filling in the form below and let us show you how easy it is to get your very own Academic Website. And remember – No Money Up Front!

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